About Me

Anjola Awosika is a world-class food and drinks photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. A consummate food lover, Anjola Awosika started his career as a food blogger, documenting his love for pastry under the pseudonym Pastry Boy. With an incredible eye for detail, Anjola’s hobby grew into something more profound as he married his love for food and photography to become one of the foremost food photographers in Nigeria. 

Anjola draws upon his experience as a food stylist and multidisciplinary creative at every shoot where he creates vibrant and impactful images that consistently resonate with the senses. He has successfully combined his impressive knowledge of food with his photographic experience, and over the course of the last few years, he has developed a photographic style which consistently captures the viewer’s imagination. 

Whilst his process is very detailed, Anjola is a purist; his photography style is all about the food, very minimal and intentional. His goal is to elevate Nigerian food having discovered that it is minimally represented in the global food space. Anjola is here to tell the Nigerian story through food. 

An expert food stylist and designer, Anjola deftly captures food with depth and texture, turning every day meals into masterpieces. From magazine covers to cookbooks, campaigns to social media content, Awosika has collaborated with prestigious companies who have an exciting vision and continues to be a trailblazer in this sector of photography. Work with Me

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